2014 JEN conference + Vertical Voices album release!

Our NEW Vertical Voices album "Fourward" is now available at CD Baby and on iTunes!

We had the best imaginable time at this year's The Jazz Education Network conference, whose 5th annual event showcased an abundance of high-quality performances from students and professionals alike, some truly insightful clinics, and some of the most meaningful connections and reconnections made to date. 

Speaking of dates, Kerry Marsh and I celebrated the 9th anniversary of our first date, where we met and fell in love at the 2005 IAJE conference! So this was a particularly special weekend for us both. What a joy it was to be surrounded by so many inspired, loving and supportive friends, colleagues, mentors and former students who have followed and influenced our journey together in so many powerful ways. Still feeling your warm collective embrace.

I'm inclined to tag ALL of this year's outstanding JEN participants, but I think my husband covered that pretty well in his recent post! So instead, I'd like to add one special thank you to Kirt Shearer, who mixed and mastered our new Vertical Voices "Fourward" album, and who also just happened to be in attendance and volunteered to help mix our live main stage concert performance from the house. It definitely made up for the few occurrences when things got so loud and exciting up there on stage (in a good way) toward the end that we could hardly hear ourselves! Knowing that you were out there taking care of us from a distance was as reassuring as it gets. We're forever grateful to you and all our dear Folsom friends and family. 

Lastly, thank you to our extraordinary vocal partners Jennifer Barnes and Greg Jasperse who helped create and share in what felt like some miraculous music-making, along with our UNC Jazz Faculty band with Jennifer's husband Steve Barnes on drums, who stepped in on short notice, ate/slept/breathed our set for days on end and gave new life to our two premier pieces. You helped remind us that it's possible to live in three separate states and still make it happen!

What a gift this year's JEN has been to us. Until next time...